REVA Feature Rich

REVA is one of the most feature rich vehicles available in the market. Features like the Climate Control Seat (CCS™) and Remote Controlled A/C have been especially incorporated to improve passenger comfort at an affordable price.

A remote hatch release lever allows opening of the rear hatch without the need for stepping out; a rear foldable seat makes room for extra luggage and spacious map pockets increase range of storage options.

Elevated seats and a wide door provide excellent access especially for senior citizens.


The design methods and manufacturing philosophy used in REVA allow it to be manufactured cost effectively even at low volumes. REVA’s modular, up-gradable, design allows easy absorption of next generation Electric Vehicle technologies..

REVA has been extensively tested and certified by the ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India) and received the EEC (European Economic Community) Certificate in December 2003, paving the way for an aggressive foray into European markets. The certification marked the commercial entry of REVA into UK with an order for 500 cars.


Electric Vehicle (EV) technology is rapidly gaining worldwide popularity, with governments and communities increasingly turning to its benefits.

In a world characterized by smog, noise and pollutants, zero emission EVs are almost noiseless and can be conveniently recharged at home or work, saving commuters tiresome queues at petrol stations. Charging at night, when consumption is low, also allows for more efficient use of electricity.

EVs are easier to service and maintain due to the absence of spark plugs and moving parts, e.g. clutch and gears. Ideal for stop-start city driving, they are also extremely reliable and easy to drive. Neither are they disadvantaged by speed limitations, especially during peak- hour ‘crawl’ driving.

Aware of the many advantages offered by EVs, companies in developed countries have recently invested heavily in developing electric cars that can travel longer distances and provide high levels of comfort. The results – hi-tech Evs ­– are now available but their cost remains prohibitively high.

Australia is perfectly suited for simple and reliable EV driving. Many of its cities are flat with easy access to both the workplace and shopping centres. EVs with a top speed of 65 km/h and a range of 80 km will meet over 90 percent of motorists’ requirements within metropolitan areas.

The REVA is such a vehicle. It has been conceptualised and designed to meet these needs and performance specifications.